How to become a PRO and stay PRO Athlete


Few Words About Me

I was taught at young age that “The man who is not eager to climb mountains will spend his life between fox holes©”. Athletic competitions and life challenges taught me creativity in finding opportunities in every failure. Mastering the secrets to pinnacle performance has been my lifelong passion, thus I spent over 20 years learning and practicing its techniques.
What I can teach you is powerful and transformational not only in your athletic and leadership careers but in all aspects of your life. As a soccer player and engineer I lived the pain and the frustration of not seeing the results that reflected my hard work. Now that I know what I didn't know back then, I wish I had a coach who led me the same way I lead my success partners.   
Personally, I do not consider certifications an absolute measure for qualifications.  However, I understand you may be curious. Therefore; if my certifications and credentials interest you then I am flattered. Here's a summarized list to honor your wish.  I am a certified coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). I am a certified Energy leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and COR.E Performance Dynamic Specialist (CPD). I am a student of Jack Canfield and a certified trainer in the Success Principles. I hold multiple academic degrees in science and leadership. As an Engineer, I held multiple leadership positions and managed high visibility programs in the private and public sectors.
I empower individuals and businesses, through my books, workshops, training programs and seminars, to create reality and live their destiny.
My mission is to fill the world with extra-ordinary athletes and leaders. What’s yours? What legacy are you leaving behind? What would you like your loved ones to say about you when you are not around? How would you like the world to know you? I would love to hear your thought.